I’m a strategic healthcare communications management consultant. A mouthful, but what that means is I interact with a lot of people from various areas. And that has nothing to do with this blog – or at least – not a lot.

I like road trips and grew up on them with my family. It’s a great sense of freedom, independence and peace. I also plan and manage a lot in my business and just jumping in the car and taking off is such a pleasure. So I share some of the experiences I had – from a road trip perspective. You won’t see beautiful, lush pictures, but you might get a flavor of what you will see in some of these areas. And I try to not necessarily share the most obvious. Generally, the things I share are those things that are a bit off the beaten path. That’s when it gets interesting. I also try to share how much the road trip part costs so you can at least be prepared.

Sometimes I ask my colleagues and friends to share their road trips as well. It’s mostly to offer a taste of what it’s like on the road – a sense of fun, of adventure, and of not having to follow a tight timeline. For those who like timelines, you can visit my business site – G. Stone Connections at www.gstoneconnections.com

Gloria Stone